• Anne Ruthmann

Reiki Healing Moment - Rock-a-Bye Baby

During a distance healing session, the client's body revealed some difficulty breathing in the lungs, some posture corrections that would help with self-healing, and some medical intuitive findings for the client to discuss with their medical practitioner. We had a great distance session that was able to move a lot of stagnant energy and brought awareness to some additional solutions for the client to consider for their own self-care and discussions with their doctor.

As I was closing the session and getting ready to disconnect energetically, something odd started happening.  My body started physically rocking back and forth on my couch, as if a magnet was pushing and pulling me in a rocking chair.  At first I thought it was just my own natural desire to stretch and move after being in an intensive energetic connection, but when I tried to consciously stop the movement, I felt like I couldn't stop it.  It didn't feel bad, just so much like the feeling of being in a rocking chair that I couldn't ignore it or just dismiss it as something that I was creating for myself.  It was such an unusual experience to have that I had to mention it to the client and see if anything resonated....

I asked, "Is there something special about a rocking chair?  I feel like I can't stop rocking back and forth."

The client then revealed what was probably the most powerful conscious movement of energy during our session, which never would have come up if this sensation hadn't moved my body so clearly...

"I just spent the entire day yesterday rocking my newborn granddaughter in my arms.  My daughter needs to give her up for adoption because their home isn't a safe place for a newborn.  I'm devastated, worried, and wish I could take care of her.  I haven't said anything to anyone."

.... *woah*...  In the silence after her words, I felt the energetic wave of sadness and grief wash over me like a tidal wave of energy and I finally stopped rocking.  Soon after, she started crying and releasing all of the emotional energy that she had rocked into her body.  We were a couple thousand miles apart physically, and yet right next to each other energetically in this moment over the phone.

I took a deep breath and just held the space of silence and understanding, knowing this was a deeply tender moment for her, and not something that either of us expected to happen during this distance reiki session.  We'd had distance sessions before, but we had only dealt with what was revealed at the physical level, and not the emotional level.  She was an emotionally guarded person, and it was a massive movement of energy for her to be able to express her emotions safely and openly.

Our lungs can hold a lot of emotional grief for us. However, if we hold it for too long, it can interfere with our breathing or manifest into more serious illness like taking on water in the lungs rather than releasing it by crying.

Had it not been for the reiki energy connection that caused me to feel the rocking sensation, she may have held those feelings in even longer and caused dis-ease or illness in her own body.  She didn't want to go to a counselor, and she really didn't want to talk about her feelings, but she really needed a way to release the sadness and grief, which she was allowed to do while I simply held space for it to be OK.

Not every session is that emotional, but sometimes they are when we least expect it. It's ultimately the work of the healing energy itself to help things come to the surface for conscious release, versus just letting us have an emotional release without knowing why. I am grateful that the reiki energy was able to capture my attention in such an unusual way to say just the right thing to help the client have a very powerful healing moment. I never could have understood what was happening on my own, but once the client understood, we were both able to experience the depth of healing needed in that moment.

Anne Ruthmann, Certified Reiki III Master Practioner, *Please know that reiki healing moments are unique to individual sessions and are not intended to suggest what will happen during other sessions or with other practitioners. 

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