• Anne Ruthmann

Reiki Healing Moment - Letting the Cat Out of the Bag

A client comes in expressing feeling out of whack after the holidays with an intensive restart at work and expresses the healing intention to get back into alignment and focus more on self-care and wellness.  They're feeling off to a good new year start by booking the reiki session as a time for self-care and healing into their work week. As I begin an overall energy body scan with my hands, I immediately start to notice that a few chakras (energy centers) are really out of balance, which might relate to some relationship or communication challenges, but otherwise the client's body feels overall healthy and doing well.  At this point, it appears that I'll just be focusing reiki healing on bringing those energy centers back into balance, along with doing some extra detoxification work on a few key organs.  After about 25 minutes of chakra work, the chakras feel nice and balanced again and I begin to focus on detoxing deeper organs. An energetic impression I received during chakra balancing makes me feel drawn to focus on the liver first and give it extra time and patience to open up energetically.  The electromagnetic sensations in my hands first feel very compressed, then the energy of the liver starts to open up and offer a feeling of pins and needles, which lets me know the energy is beginning to move and detox.  After a couple minutes of holding the liver and feeling the natural byosen detox movement, I suddenly start to get the impression of cats in my mind. I try to clear my mind, but it feels like I can't stop thinking about cats.

*Cats?!?  Why am I suddenly thinking about cats?!*

I sense one cat and then multiple cats, and then begin thinking about how I don't really like cats but some people love cats, and how cats are even healing buddies for some of my clients... but now I recognize I'm starting to actually think and dip into my own memory rather than simply observing my intuitive impression happening.  I begin to ask intuitively if this means this client has cats and I don't get an intuitive answer- I just get this incessant feeling of thinking about cats.

*Cats, cats, cats!!!* Once I step back to observe my own thoughts in this moment and realize how unusual and odd that is for me to feel like I'm beginning to obsess about cats, as someone who really doesn't ever think about cats, I finally decide that maybe I should say something to the client about this and see what this means to them...  Me: "Weird, I suddenly started obsessing about cats. Do you have any cats?" Client: "No, but my office mates talk obsessively about their cats!  It's so annoying.  I don't even like cats and I feel like I hear about their cats all the time.  Cats, cats, cats!" Me: "What an interesting thing to come up while detoxing the liver!" Client: "I know some people love their cats, but I just don't care. *laughs*" A few minutes later, the byosen in the liver starts to calm down and feel more even and less like pins and needles.  I guess that liver detox really let the cat out of the bag!  (Bad joke, but I couldn't resist.)  Something that the client might not feel comfortable saying to their office mate, they were able to express verbally during their reiki session, and that expression may have been enough to release one source of frustration trapped from multiple moments of feeling like the client couldn't tell office mates to stop wasting working time talking about their cats.  How the client applies this situation, healing moment, and knowledge going forward is ultimately up to the client and their journey of healing and self-care, but their body and mind connection was able to reveal a concrete moment of frustration and anger that they may have stored in their liver and needed some conscious releasing.   In Summary: Liver Detox Hand Position -> Byosen Feeling of Pins and Needles -> Intuitive Impression About Cats -> Sharing Intuitive Impression With Client -> Client Feedback Recalled Frustration With Office Mate Conversations -> Client Consciously Releasing Frustrated Emotion Through Verbal Expression & Laughter I don't think that's the only thing that was released during the liver detox, but it was interesting that the impression of cats rose to the level of consciousness to be discussed.  The liver doesn't usually offer me such concrete intuitive impressions or insights.  In fact, most of the time, the liver seems to detox purely from an energetic place of byosen response by releasing energy without any intuitive impressions or moments of conscious awareness, but perhaps for this client's healing journey, there needed to be a clear connection to the type of energy that can be stored in the liver and require additional detoxing at a later moment. If you're an energy healer, have you ever had a client's organ give you an intuitive impression that seemed unusual?  I'd love to read your story in the comments!   Anne Ruthmann, Certified Reiki III Master Practioner, *Please know that reiki healing moments are unique to individual sessions and is not intended to suggest what will happen during other sessions or with other practitioners.

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