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Optimum wellness and life path fulfillment increase with energetic alignment and flow.
When we do the work of physically and mentally attuning ourselves to receiving the abundance already available to us, we bring ourselves more fully into our own Abundant Sphere, where life feels effortless and freeing.


Personalized Holistic Services

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Hands-on Reiki Sessions

An Ancient Science

Hands-on reiki energy healing treatments are done fully clothed in a relaxing private setting with a certified reiki master who helps activate the healing energies within your own body.  Benefits are experienced at the physical, mental, and emotional levels as reiki energy helps balance and restore the body for optimum health and wellness.

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Reiki Distance Healing

Quantum Balancing

Reiki distance sessions allow you to tap into reiki healing energy wherever you happen to be.  The reiki master uses a process of connecting energetically and intuitively to your body at distance in order to activate and amplify reiki healing energy toward energetic issues that can be transformed with reiki distance healing.

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Intuitive Coaching

Abundance Mindset

Intuitive coaching sessions can be done by phone, zoom, or in person to provide practical guidance for navigating major challenges and life transitions by guiding you through solutions for dealing with various hidden energetic blocks, while also identifying areas of energetic openings to help you navigate the unknown more effectively.

Private reiki sessions are $150 for one hour, and include a detailed written summary of what areas received healing focus, any sensed medical intuition discoveries to discuss with a medical practitioner, any sensory impressions that may be symbolic or meaningful for healing, and additional holistic healing recommendations for continued self-care.  

Private intuitive coaching sessions for facing major decisions, life transitions, career upgrades, and business abundance is $300 for two hours with a written summary and step-by-step action plan to make it easier to focus on next steps.

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How Reiki Helped Me

My Personal Healing Journey

I've always been intuitive and sensitive to energy movement, but didn't always know how to manage it in a way that could help myself and others.  It was only after several different energy workers and spiritual practitioners made the same comment, "You have healing energy in your hands!" that I became curious enough to investigate reiki energy healing work.

At first I was skeptical and resistant to try an energy healing practice, and it seemed other people I knew felt the same way.  Our skepticism was fueled by a lack of medical research and a lack of tools to measure energy work effectively, yet my curiosity persisted and led me to learn more.  The people who seemed to understand and benefit from reiki the most were people who had personally experienced it and practiced it regularly.  Everyone who had actually tried reiki for themselves shared the healing affect it had on their life and the lives of other people they knew.

I'm so glad I explored reiki for my personal healing journey rather than being stopped by my skepticism.  I'd already mastered my meditation journey, which helped me gain better mental clarity and peace of mind around navigating my intuitive nature, but it was reiki that helped me gain more physical clarity and calm within my body and emotions to help me better manage many of life's external pressures placed on me. Reiki strengthened me from the inside and helped me better manage my empathetic nature and energetic sensitivities, and helped me learn how to better control the intensity of energy that comes with living and working in New York City.

I have personally used reiki self-care and therapy for physical pain relief from tooth pain, back pain, headache, neck pain, menstrual cramping, digestive issues, and healing scars, bruises, and surgical openings faster.  At an emotional level, reiki has helped me better manage stress and anxiety so I can move more easily through big life challenges like important interviews, public speaking, family difficulties, and dealing with complex financial negotiations.

I have experienced so many immediate benefits that I now try reiki techniques first to see what can be healed naturally through energy work before turning to potentially harmful forms of medical intervention.  Reiki couldn't remove my wisdom tooth for me, but it did eliminate a significant amount of pain until I could have oral surgery, and then it also healed the opening in two days instead of two weeks so that I required less medication and recovery time!  If time is important to you, reiki can offer an additional healing boost that can speed our physical healing timelines.

My clients have healed conditions like digestive disorders, hormonal imbalance, tumors, PCOS, surgical tissue damage, anxiety, cancer, nervous system irregularities, joint pain, back pain, fatigue, grief, depression, and boosted healing recovery rates after major trauma, cancer treatments, and surgeries.  Reiki is not a replacement for medical care, but it supplements traditional medical care as a beautiful complementary healing practice regularly used in hospitals and cancer clinics as part of patient recovery plans in order to help facilitate the healing process and optimum wellness for each client.  Since reiki is a holistic practice, the benefits and results of reiki are unique to each individual’s healing journey.

Reiki has opened a physical and spiritual doorway to my own Abundant Sphere that exists right here and right now.  I had no idea how much easier life could be with just a little more energetic support to help me live in greater alignment.  Witnessing this transformative experience in my own life, and in the lives of my clients, at physical, emotional, and spiritual levels, is what compels me to share the practice of reiki with others in private sessions, community circles, and teaching reiki practice through private and group mentoring.  

My hope is that one day modern science will find a way to grasp the ancient understanding of how to work with energy healing and provide scientific data for what people can already sense and understand without scientific measurement.  Until then, I am grateful that we have been gifted a holistic energy healing practice that is completely natural and safe for everyone.

To learn more about reiki, check out my interview on the Heart of Healing Podcast:

Anne Ruthmann, Certified Reiki Master Teacher, Ordained Spiritual Counselor


Aligning With Abundance

What would you attempt if you knew you could not fail?  In 2015, I was invited to give a TEDx Talk to share some of the big questions and life decisions that helped shape my life path toward greater abundance and alignment with my natural gifts.  If you need coaching support on your path to achieving something great, let's work together to help you get there sooner.  Contact me or scroll down to see more video interviews about the challenges I've faced and overcome in my journey to find my alignment and flow for a more abundant life.

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"The first wealth is health"

Ralph Waldo Emerson



Intuitive Coaching & Distance Reiki by phone, email, and zoom.
Private in-person sessions can be offered within NYC.
*Due to COVID-19 guidelines, all in-person sessions will be performed with attention to observing state regulations.

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